3 Reasons Why COLLAGEN is Important in your Skin (and the secret we’ve been hiding for a very long time).

Collagen is what keeps our skin from sagging, giving us that youthful #glowup. While we have been hearing a lot of Collagen soaps in the market, and the basic requirements to stimulate it for skin’s strength and elasticity, we went a bit further by providing you exact reasons why it is important in your skin.

1-Collagen provides that youthful and glowing appearance: Collagen is in charge of that #GlowUp Instagram photo-worthy of that #viral post-entry of the year.

Collagen keeps our skin plump providing that youthful glow (we can’t stop reiterating), though our bodies naturally produce Collagen, it begins to deplete by the time we hit our mid-20s, making us prone to wrinkles and skin aging. For this very reason, a lot of commercial soaps are using Collagen as part of their formulation and we can’t blame you if you’ll go further to drinking Collagen supplements. However, what if we can do all those with only several trips to the shower room?

We’re sure that you wanted that glowing youthful skin without a filter and YES, it is possible in just 7-days. (We’re not kidding, just 7 days!)

We’re using plant-based Collagen in our skincare products: Plant-based collagen boosters are packed with anti-aging compounds known as flavonoids, which work to produce firmer and smoother skin. It is also important to know that our Plant-Based Collagen supports the overall wellness of your skin cells.

2-Collagen provides that hydrated and healthier skin: You need that youthful glow (and we already know that) but you also need to maintain hydrated skin, a brighter skin tone and protect it from free radicals.

Go for a soap that will technically provide you with everything your skin needs to promote Collagen production that connects to healthier skin (and we will no longer keep you from waiting, here’s a secret we’ve been hiding for a very long time).

Triple Hit Combo: Glutathione, Plant-Based Collagen, and Probiotics: Between free radicals and the unavoidable effects of ageing, maintaining beautiful and healthy skin is such a feat. Luckily, our combination can help you with improving your skin health. First, Glutathione (GSH) can regulate melanin production for a brighter skin tone (here’s a secret our potent liquid formula works well with our Plant-Based Collagen, yielding better results). Second, our Plant-Based Collagen provides moisture by improving over-all skin health and promoting hydration within the skin cells. Finally, Probiotics can help maintain the pH balance of your skin and protect it against free radicals.


3-Collagen can promote healthy skin cells: We’ve mentioned Plant-Based Collagen as an ingredient of our soap, but do you know what exactly are we using?

We’re using Filipino Okra or Lady’s Fingers in all our skincare products, to provide you with that healthy, hydrated, rejuvenated, and youthful glowing skin. Don’t forget that Okra is also a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folate, Calcium, and Protein that promotes skin health.

LASTLY... How about, glowing, hydrated, and healthy skin plus #guiltfree beauty, only sustainable brands can provide?

We asked our CEO and Cosmetic Scientist, MJ Jamias if how did she took our Collagen game to the next level: “As one of the Filipino brands using plant-based Collagen and the first to use Okra or Lady’s Finger, Japonesa ® is not only effective but it also stands to support the highest levels of sustainable practices, making us worthy of our Earth Day tagline, #BetterPlanet”, ends Jamias.

See you next ish! 

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