Achieve that younger-looking skin in 7-days (during the NCR+ Bubble)


We are all shocked with the recent announcement of the guidelines that are not considered as lockdown (at least based on available literature). Most of us are frustrated and may feel negative about our current situation. However, there is one thing we all can do to benefit our ‘stay at home routine’. By achieving a younger looking skin during this period.   

Aging skin

Why, o why? 

We all dream of maintaining our younger-looking skin but unfortunately aging is an unavoidable fact of life. There are some reasons why our skin ages prematurely. First and ultimately the biggest factor is our LIFESTYLE. Over time, our bad diet leads to decreased cellular repair that decreases the production of both collagen and elastin. Our skin begins to look dehydrated, wrinkled, and generally unhealthy. Just like a bad diet, smoking allows poisonous chemicals being delivered to our body, restricts blood flow and prevents Oxygen and Vitamins from being delivered to the skin.

Finally, exposure to UVA & UVB rays stimulates the production of melanin in our skin, causing an increase in pigmentation, which is characterized by ‘skin tan’. Excessive exposure to both UVA and UVB breakdowns collagen leading to fine lines, sun spots, and a more leathery skin texture. Based on numerous clinical studies, Collagen plays a very important role in maintaining or achieving that younger-looking skin.

Switch to the real deal.

Living in the metro and in a tropical country, we are unable to avoid the sunshine, air pollution, stress and to a certain extent, we delay the start of the diet that we always write in our new year’s resolutions. These factors cause our skin to age prematurely. If you are expecting a rigid skincare regimen would prevent the premature skin aging, you are MISTAKEN BIG TIME!

The visible sign of skin aging is when the skin becomes less firm and tends to lose its elasticity. Which leads to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. This is when COLLAGEN is needed. As an essential protein found in our skin, it plays a very important role in ensuring that our skin remains smooth and firm.

This made us so curious on how we can educate our readers in finding the product that will make their skin younger in just 7-days, and we know just the person who can give us the #skincare solution, our Research Cosmetic Scientist, MJ Jamias. 

MJ told us how every Japonesa® soap was made.

Our Japonesa Soap is the only one brand in the market that has 100% plant-based Collagen from the extracts of Okra (Lady Finger) with Liposomal Technology. Each ingredients is unique, like glutathione liquid and Colostrum which produces Lactoferrin active. This active prevent inflammation of the skin and lessen skin problems like rashes, acne, eczema and psoriasis. The Star Ingredient of the Japonesa Soap is The Live PROBIOTICS, the one that maintains the microbiome of the skin. The base formulation is composed of 100% virgin materials like real oil and not from used and crude synthetic oils. The scent we use is from Real Vanilla Extract with the combination of proprietary blend of Essential Oils. Bubbles and lather (organic Surfactants) that were extracted from the natural amino acid of a plant. 

This is why Japonesa®” is very unique.

Every Ingredients have very small molecules that can penetrate and easily absorbed by our skin. (Liposomal)

According to MJ, the Japonesa Soap is considered as a Skin Food. The fast-paced action of the Japonesa®’s Ingredients is the best way to maintain the health of our skin during this season of #NCR+Bubble. 

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