St. John’s Wort is the miracle herb

Some of us need this powerful herb to relieve symptoms of anxiety, but you should also know that this herb should be part of your skincare routine. Read on!

As ancient as it may sound, St. John’s Wort is used to treat depression and mood disorders way back during the time of the ancient Greeks, but in this article, we will unravel the skincare capabilities of this vibrant yellow herb. St. John’s wort has powerful dermatological benefits while also being gentle enough to treat adult and baby skin. Mainly, St. John’s Wort is rich in flavonoids making it a good candidate for repairing the skin (flavonoids are rich in antioxidant activity and can help you ward off everyday toxins).

Amongst the many reasons why we love St. John’s Wort here are 3 reasons why you should love it too, and look for the skincare product that is using this very powerful herb.

First, this ancient herb is found to be capable of reducing early signs of aging, primarily because of its power to reduce fine lines on our faces. To further prove this claim, a research made by Cell & Molecular Neurobiology, St. John’s Wort has antioxidants that combat harmful radicals. These radicals are usually known to accelerate the visible signs of aging. The ability to get rid of harmful radicals made it one of the best candidates for an anti-aging skin care regimen. Furthermore, Japonesa’s combination of plant-based collagen, and the moisturizing effect given by Glycerin, and of course St.John’s Wort, made it worthy to be an effective anti-aging soap.


Next in line is an important result we wanted our skincare regimens to take care of, “Exfoliation”. Although we are aware that there are so many brands in the market offering “exfoliating your skin”, we would still want to reiterate the combination of effective ingredients to maximize the results. While St. John’s Wort supports regeneration of human body cells, making the product a perfect option for healthier exfoliation, Japonesa also has Probiotics, making the two ingredients perform the best skin renewal that boosts and revitalizes skin with continued use.


As an ancient remedy, St. John’s Wort is used to heal wounds making it an effective antibacterial ingredient, while we have been talking about Lactoferrin as Japonesa’s antibacterial ingredient that caters to the reduction of acne and “mask-ne”, St. John’s Wort’s presence in every bar of Japonesa is such a big wonder for everyone in need of acne-fighting skincare soap or you can also use it as your daily hand soap.


Finally, as a traditional hint, take a bath using Japonesa® soap in the morning, and while it is one of the best skincare soaps in the market today, the St. John’s Wort’s capability as an antidepressant will raise your spirits up! Happy morning! See ya next ish!


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